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Our solutions

We support industry, public administrations and researchers by measuring ocean surface currents to fulfill their needs.


How it works

e-Odyn data services provide a flexible access to surface currents estimates thanks to AIS (Automatic Identification System).


AIS currents

Nearly every application of ocean monitoring requires to some extent, measurements of surface current velocities.


AIS currents & Ocean dynamics 2.0 world tour

Our ocean dynamics 2.0 world tour is now opened. We will try to periodically feed our website with remarkable oceanic events. Don't miss out and  follow us on twitter! (@eodyn) .

Latest news

Near Real Time demo in the Sicily channel

Check AIS currents and live ship tracks with this simple tool. Hoping that this information will be useful to you. Want to access the data for free ? Contact us.


The first image of the gulf stream released

The very first image of the gulf stream, off the US coast, revealed by ships trajectories and AIS currents. Ships act as light rays illuminating the ocean surface and provide a unique image of ocean dynamics.


Demo data set available !

See how AIS currents can reveal ocean dynamics on ESA (European Space Agency) Globcurrent web portal, using Ocean Virtual Laboratory, a software developped by OceanDataLab.

Click on thumbs to access the demo

 AIS derived surface currents vs VIIRS SST